Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Story of the Baboon and Tiger

This segment from a National Geographic documentary is really touching and thought-provoking. If we think animals' internal worlds of thought, emotion, and morality are any less than humans', we may be deluding ourselves.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please Drive Carefully

Car accidents are the #2 leading cause of unnatural death. Governments are #1. Please be careful on the road of life.

“They interviewed me for a magazine once and called me a radical environmentalist - I like that. They said I’m like Johnny Appleseed without the prejudice. I plant trees, flowers, weeds, berries, fruits, vegetables - wherever there’s dirt, private, public property, I don’t care. My mission is to overrun roadsides with roots until pavement all over the country crumbles, cars become useless and all that’s left is sustainable mass transportation in harmony with nature. Nothing but boats, planes, trains, and monorails. Can you imagine the beauty of cities without streets or cars? Imagine New York City with roads made of grass! Instead of huge cities containing little parks, they’ll feel like huge parks containing little buildings and people. Every walk to work or the train station will be a stroll through the park. Architecture is art, roads aren’t. They represent laziness and selfish indulgence, ease of transport at the expense of nature. The way I see it , We can travel anywhere Now but there’s no road leading anywhere without roads. I long for a world with no exhaust, no horns, no traffic, traffic lights, street signs or road names. No car accidents, no gas stations, no bus stops, no parking lots, no garages, no greasy mechanics or salesmen, dealerships or advertisements. No car payments, insurance, registration, reparations, lube-jobs, fill-ups, or top-offs. No highways, no truck stops or drivers, no more bums or hitchhikers, only nomads and drifters like me." -Eric Dubay, "Asbestos Head"

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