Monday, January 16, 2012

The Five Most Important Questions

Stefan Molyneux
of Freedomain Radio asks and answers 5 of the most important philosophical questions everyone should consider.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wordsmith Austin Brien Poetry

Thanks to Austin Brien for sharing these fascinating poetic observations:


When I feel the dragging of the world on my edges I tend to look deeper inside to find something calming there where the silence of waterfalls rush through my ears and all the distant persistent talking disappears. The world just melts like marshmallows in the microwave while purple kittens paw at the glass. It is not half empty or half full, because as you sip on it, the rim lowers with the liquid always right on the edge. Cliff top view of the world below, so far away it all looks so small but I am just a giant in the mind of my own little fantasy. And now I see all these paths in front of me endless choices of possibility, veritable yellow bricks, on the road again…. I can see things clearer now then they have ever been. White sky fades to blue so bright that it shines through you. Iridescent like an angel flying through the sky about 3 cloud banks past the rainbow you’ll see a Pegasus resting on a storm front. Ask him for directions but avoid following them because the true magic is not in the words but where they try to take you. That mix match melody of pleasantry, perfectly balanced on the nose of a seal, barking for tomorrow and waiting for the repeal so that someday people will realize just because the world is your home, doesn’t mean it belongs to you. Nothing belongs to you, not the water you drink, not the food you eat, not even the air you breathe belongs to you. The entire world is only temporary and possession means nothing. Money is imaginary, the paper is real, but the worth is inflated to be valued by the masses to keep us under control like a carrot on the end of the stick. Pointed like a needle for the injecting of some feeble twitter, brittle as melting icicles cause I’m hotter then a fever. Sliding through visions - of skin over ribbons - of silk in the hair of swimming - maidens. The truth has rotten through, stinking of garbage the piles of sewage ooze out of the bag that is our world. The only saving truth is the commonly known as the vanishing point. I dream that maybe there is a point so far away that nothing in this world can be noticed observed or even detected. Electing the defective and protecting them expecting not to get stuck in the eye when the stick of reality needs to get put somewhere, I will tell you where to put it right in your own backyard. Not miles away in some foreign country robbing precious lands of all of the natural resources. Still watching the jackals - as they are hacking on yaw - in the African backswing. Then global slavery as a result, in every person’s taxing, progressing to a possession of people all paying the important people that live in the steeple. Love the people and use things, not love things and use the people. It is hard to see through all the malformed thoughts to a truth worth fighting For-word after word sentence after sentence beating on the door of your mind trying to get something to open up. Still no one offers shelter because there is no quarter here. This is all temporary the world is only an illusion that occurs when light makes contact with anti-matter. No matter what, the image is blunt. What occupies your mind is the matter you find, right in front of you, they do what you don’t want them to do, then they front popularity so you think you’re the outsider. You are not outside, your right in the place you should be soaking up the truths they let you see right on the TV. That is the point of the distraction machine. It is corrupting yet another generation of youth glued to the tube, be it the tele or the compu. Terminate the glow box and get out on the block. Make the boat rock we should all go for a swim in the thought of turmoil being brought up on us.


This is a warning, to anyone listening, whether you’re whoring or christening. There is just this little point that you seem to be missing. The war for the future has begun; if you’re not going to fight then it is time that you run. The media onslaught keeps your mind caught in a tangent side-plot. Instead of enjoying what you’ve got, you opt for a trashy trinket trot. The knowledge of ‘growing’ is a crop that’s worth knowing, but how many people know that? We the people have become the victims of this communal capitalist crap. Predatory lending lined up with the governments deficit spending. They use this as a tool to invoke your imitations. Not every fool knows his own limitations. They are lighting the road paved with good intentions. Good as gold like the hands you hold. The people you know are the roots that you grow. These politics have taken root, leaving the average man underfoot. The rules are being written by a crowd full of crooks. As they prepare the next curriculum and tell you to follow the books. Just like the fishes are careful of hooks. So too should our spawn, in our schools, or so it looks. With a majority drop out as the metropolitan cop-out failure is expected as the kids sit being neglected. This makes them easily misdirected, connecting with the disconnected. Be it a fantasy, or something more virtual, these synthesized connections are ethereal. While that is half of the deal the problem is the lack of real. Truth is substituted for something with more appeal. Then fact is forgotten, lost and broken. The dreaded is shredded and disposed. While the fate of the world is written and composed in prose, right beneath your nose.


Just a note to the inevitable, I saw you coming and since I knew nothing would stop you I started preparing for everything I could imagine. While I figured there would be some things that were unpredictable, I wanted to be ready for as much as possible. As we all learn distance can make everything look small even when that distance is really just time. Time has a way of turning even the best plans into less then adequate anecdotes. Still I wanted to persevere, so I strove to come up with ideas to confront any issue that arose. Unlike the tides I could not grasp the power that drove the waves. Oblivious to the obvious lack of control, but control is not a solution. Some systems self correct, others fail creating a ripple of repercussions. I fear not knowing enough to recognize the commotion till its conclusion. Nothings wrong till its over and gone. Then when you’re expecting it to be all over, it is, it’s ALL OVER. This nothing has been absorbed into everything. Right in the middle of a vortex of vacuumed vacant space is everything we know. All so tightly sealed that, each little thing comes in “single” serving size. No free choice in this economically automated ‘dog pile of capitalist’ democracy. We can’t see past ourselves, who tries to plan a future that doesn’t include them? This is not the future that was planed by the people who are living it. I am not trying to say that what we have is not great but I am seeing a crust of corporations feeding on our neighborhoods, our neighbors and our neighbor’s neighbor too. That means you. I can understand feeding your family but who really needs a 100 million anything? I want to welcome the relief that seems so desperate to flee, with open arms of needed company. Sit down with me and let me explain what I see when I look at our reality. Life that we live, breath, and many have been laid to rest. The epitome of irony is not without its jest. The funny part is we’re at the butt of this joke. You would choke at the scope of this hoax. No matter how you prepare or, who you promote. As the words you spoke like smoke just vanish in the air. It is futile to provoke more from a bloke then a simple mindless stare. As I forge my words with absurd verbs it is the point that takes effort to pound out. With this blade of fog, in the soot I log the endless treasures of my job, as a wordsmith..