Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peter Russell - What is the Self?

In this great short clip Peter Russell tackles the ultimate introspective question - Who am I?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best Rant Ever

Thanks to Ravi for passing along this hilarious and spot-on rant about the US government by comedian Felonius Munk. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Freedom is Anarchy

All governments use violence (in the form of police/militaries) and coercion (in the form of forced taxation) against their populous. Like a world-wide inescapable mafia, all the governments on Earth force us to pay their multitude of taxes, and if we don't, they seize our assets/asses and throw us in jail. As Stefan Molyneux puts it, "the state is a monopoly of individuals with the legal right and obligation to initiate the use of force against others in a given geographical area." But of course if all humans are indeed free and equal then none should have the right to initiate the use of force against others. The videos above are for all you government-apologist, Stockholm syndrome, invertebrates who constantly cry out "but what about schools and roads Eric!? If governments don't steal our tax money, what will we do about schools and roads and national defense??" I know you think freedom is scary, anarchy sounds negative, and it's radical and extremist to point out the utter illegitimacy and immorality of the state... but... I'm just calling a spade a spade. Government is violence. Government is coercion. Freedom is anarchy.

All governments are violent and coercive, thus no governments provide or ensure "freedom" (as they constantly claim). Their laws, police, militaries, courts, judges, taxes, prisons, and debt-based money systems are all antithetical to freedom, and prevent true freedom from ever occurring. A bit of honest introspection will reveal that government is the problem, and it cannot and will not ever be the solution.

Government doesn't really even exist if we don't believe in it. The problem is that "govern-mental" means "mind-control" and everyone who isn't an anarchist, I'm sorry to say, is under government mind-control.

Laws are just propositions written by crafty wordsmiths and enforced by uniformed and robed agents of the matrix. Fiat is just "legal" counterfeiting that benefits the central bankers. Taxes are just money stolen, then poorly re-distributed. Politicians are just mafia figureheads campaigning to spend your stolen money. The whole thing's a farce and will slowly fade away when people stop believing that egoistic bullies in blue uniforms have any authority and that silly rules written on legal pads are "law."

Gravity, now that's a law. Inertia, that's a law. But the IRS claiming authority to steal a third of my income every year... that's not a law. That's a crafty piece of violently enforced legislation written by mafiosos.