Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks to Khanista for recommending another great site,

"You realize that happiness really is within, and that nothing external can or will ever make you truly happy. You fully realize that you are the Creator of all your psycanic (non-physical) experience; of your thoughts, emotions, relationships, experience of love, and of ALL your pain or happiness. You stop neurotically trying to control external things to control your internal feelings. Every negative experience becomes the opportunity to find and discreate its cause within you so that negative emotion stops recurring in your life. Events and relationships become mirrors that let you see who you are and from that, change to Who You want to BE. You free yourself from all compulsions, pain and limitations, and you free yourself of all compulsion to control others, and as a result, your relationships transform."


Gema said...

This sounds a lot like Landmark Education, and probably a lot of other similar approaches. But Landmark does teach you that you should be with your emotions and fully experience them, they are ok. Then you can move beyond them and create something new. While this program seems to sounds like it wants you to become a robot and remove yourself completely from all emotion.

Leon Basin said...

This is interesting.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments. I agree this sounds somewhat like Landmark Forum, but I don't see how Psycanics wants you to become a robot removed from emotion. Maybe I read the articles differently... if it advocated that, I would agree with you completely, we don't want to become zombies or robots, we want to experience our emotions fully all the while refining them. As Esther Hicks says, "nothing is more important than that I am happy" (which can sound very shallow or very deep, depending on whose ears it hits)

Torq said...

According to some of the ancients, happiness is the greatest good which humans can aspire to. I think that Esther Hicks makes a good point, though (of course) it needs to be meant in the right way!

Elijah said...

Hi there!
In my country(Yugoslavia)it has some similar tehniques of Psycanics.There is one by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski,it's called "Kreaton".Mr. Slavinski says that he studied a couple of months with Mr. Powell in Mexico.I think that the rooth of all kinds of similar tech. is Scientology.Landmark Ed. is also a tech. from ex-scientologist Werner Erhard.Even though Sci., like organize religion it has a lot of faults,I think that it has beautiful informations and tehcniques for every true searcher!