Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Ultimate Reality

Our Ultimate Reality- NEW Edition

I've just finished reading Adrian Cooper's "Our Ultimate Reality" and really enjoyed it. It's like an introduction to/encyclopedia of all things metaphysical/spiritual. Incredibly long, but packed with gems like this:

Although the true nature of the Universe has been known and taught throughout the ages by many and varied sources throughout the world, all of which are highly consistent and in broad agreement, it is also now being substantiated by the work of modern quantum physics, and increasingly by other branches of the sciences as well. All areas of the sciences will surely soon have to accept the fact that true Universal reality is not and never can be based entirely in the familiar three-dimensional world of physical matter as has been assumed since the days of Isaac Newton, but is rather an infinite, multi-dimensional reality, a Universe of living Consciousness of which everyone and everything without exception is an integral and equal aspect. The true nature of the Universe will certainly challenge the perceptions of most people, if for no other reason that throughout the ages there has been a prevalent misperception of a ‘God’ who is completely separate from everyone and everything else in existence, and who ‘rules’ over ‘his’ three dimensional world of matter from high places.” -Adrian Cooper, “Our Ultimate Reality” (19)


Ta-Wan said...

That snippet is great.

C. Om said...

Awesome! I love books and films of this nature! Thanks for sharing this!