Monday, January 11, 2010

Michael Beckwith - What's Your Pissocity Level?

Thanks to Teye for sending me this uplifting video. Michael Beckwith (from The Secret) gives an inspirational talk with all the energy of a Southern Baptist preacher, but with a spiritual (not "religious") message. How pissed off are you? What is your "Pissocity Level" and what are you willing to do about it? Are you like the majority of the population - living life on the lay away plan, pining for some better future existence? Have you developed intricate coping and defense mechanisms to - kind of - make it through your human experience; hoping that in the future you'll somehow be different? Have you come just to hang out and exist between birth and death, and live a life that you read about in an insurance actuary column? If you are upset about your current situation or condition in life; then that is an indication that you are not planning or working on changing it!

Michael Beckwith - What's Your Pissocity Level?

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Khanista said...

Just now seeing this! I googled this for my co-worker and found it,, lmao! You're welcome!