Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asserting Your Freedom

Did you know there are millions of laws (anti-freedoms) in effect and many more being written daily by unelected, unaccountable lawyers and politicians? Did you know that ignorance of these laws is no defense against breaking them!? The worldwide erosion of civil liberties is a real and tragic on-going issue. Wouldn't it be empowering then to know that "civil" liberties only apply to government employees and corporations? These millions of anti-freedoms being written daily are in fact NOT law or even lawful. They are "legal" and only given the force of law by YOUR consent. Unfortunately the entire legal system is designed to trick you into consenting to it, and thus it takes a solid education in civics/law to be able to effectively assert your freedom in the face of ever-increasing state tyranny. I doubt it was an accident that civics has slowly been taken out of public schools. If you're interested, as I am, in reclaiming your sovereign citizenship and asserting yourself as a freeman on the land, I highly recommend clicking here and checking out the Freeman/Sovereignty/Redemption movement. Peace.

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