Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leonard Orr on Yogi Immortality

Leonard Orr is an author and longevity researcher who claims to have met "immortal" yogis in India who were currently 300, 800, and up to 2,000 years old. He says the thing they all had in common was an intimate relationship with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in their daily lives. For instance they all bathed twice a day and drank plenty of pure water to maintain the balance of water in the body. They were all vegetarians eating simple mostly raw food diets and spent time "grounding" to balance their earth energy. They all practiced pranayama deep breathing and regular fasting for air purification. And they all performed sun or fire gazing and yogic exercise to vitalize their fire energy.


Xinyu Hu said...

Hey Eric:

I am cynical about the concept of immortals who worship the earth, air, fire, and water - all these things are of the 3D illusion. They are still immortal regardless whether or not they have a physical body or not. To have an, 'intimate relation' with the earth, air, fire, and water is to respond to the Luciferian mind...even though, yes, they are appearing to live for 2000 years. All fire-gazing is called hypnosis. The hypnosis runs deep even in the alternative religions, philosophy community.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Xinyu, I agree with you and I'm also very skeptical about the idea of physical immortality, mainly because I'm so confident about the fact of the soul's immortality. However, I'm very interested in health and longevity, so I enjoyed and wanted to post these clips. Peace

Druv said...

Xinyu Hu - water is to respond to the Luciferian mind

Wrong, this concept was started by Christianity to warp beneficial information of the "Pagans".

It is not their physical forms that are immortal, it is their souls.

How are the Yogi's immortal?

Through yoga they can breakdown the power of Illusion that clouds the mind.

When we are reborn the world clouds our mind through the activities of the world.

Yogi's can breakdown the barriers, and connect with their past, present and future - and their wisdom stacks up. The three coils of Kundalini. There are some who remember many of their previous lives, and they still possess their old desires. The main objective is to get rid of all desires to attain nirvana. If a person still has any desires left, they will keep coming back.

There are some yogi's who are able to attain the power of kundalini, they are able to see their past, present and future.

Hence, their wisdom cannot be copied.

By the way, they are only talking about the 4 elements, they forgot the fifth element =)

Eric Dubay said...

Good points Druv, the fifth element is where the real immortality lies. The other four just help sustain the illusion.