Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guru Om

Thanks to Michelle for introducing me to the work of Guru Om. A very interesting and eccentric character, Guru Om has lots of artwork, poetry, and videos available on his Mercurial World blog. He claims to have "tattooed the truth" on his head but only 3 people in his life have ever asked him what it meant. I'd like to be the 4th, but he doesn't have a Skype connection yet.

At 16 years of age, in the Outback of Australia, a man once asked me if I believed in God. My reply was, "yes". He then asked me how much money I had. I replied, "500 dollars". He then asked me why I saved money. My reply, at the time was, "just in case!" The man replied, "Just in case, what? That God lets you down?" I had no reply. That night, I pondered the mans' questions and discovered my lifes' work. -Guru Om


Michelle York said...

Thank you so much Eric for that lovely posting.. I'm going to send you a link that tells about the head tattoos of Guru Om. Guruji said "Good on ya' Eric."

Eric Dubay said...

Here's that link for everyone else:

Guru Om Interview

That was a good explanation and excellent choice of tattoo. I'm still digesting the symbolic significance. Thanks for the food for thought. Peace

zeninmodernlife said...

I also have the truth tattooed. It is on the side of my torso and explains everything to me.

The design came from a state I was in for some time when I moved from me as a person in the world to being the action of the universe.

This is certainly an interesting guy and a bold statement.

razlich said...

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Druv said...

I hope you dont mind my explanation of the symbols Eric.

Look at the pic below:

The fire on the back of his head represents the fiery aura of God Shiva when he dose the " Tandav dance". That form of God Shiva is called Natraja (god of dance)- This is a state of the universe when the whole world has come to its last stage and is under the dominant influence of Ignorance. He dances on the dark demon of Ignorance, and the people are finally able to see the truth that they have not been able to see.

This next pic has some explanations but i can give further details.

God Shiva is the ultimate Yogi, and he is always shown meditating on the Himalayas.

Look at the mark on his forehead, Look at the snakes around his neck.

He is the god of knowledge, as he destroys the demon of ignorance and gives us the power of knowledge.

All the symbols that Guru Om is using are of God Shiva.

Hope you realize that "Guru Om" are Sanskrit words? and there are Sanskrit sholka's behind his head.

God Shiva is one of the most important God of Sanatan Dharma. I hope you see what i am trying to show u.

Druv said...

the three stripes on the forehead are from Ayurveda, Generally made from using Sandalwood paste by Brahmins who follow " Gyan Marga" the path of knowledge.

Also the three stripes represent God shiva.

Druv said...

Aww i missed it, he did write it is from God Shiva :P

" Destruction of Ignorance is the Birth of Enlightenment."

"That is the Kundalini Naga (Snake). Once the Guru awakens her she makes her way up the inner core of the spine (the Sushumna) to the top of the head. Her only desire is to re-unite with her Lord, Shiva her consort. The Sanskrit writing above the flames reads, "

Druv said...

Hmm, he is calling shiva " her" , Shiva represents the masculine gender though.

Shakti is his wife, Shakti literally means power.

Shiva represents knowledge, Shakti represents power.

With knowledge comes power, yet we are not supposed to seek power. Only knowledge we should seek.

Hence, Shiva is the God of knowledge, the destroyer of ignorance.

Michelle York said...

There is a point..The point is COMMITMENT. Ask yourself, "what are you committed to?" Enough to destroy any possibility of 'success' in the world so that someone may possibly be free from suffering. I know, for a fact, The Guru Om was a very successful businessman with the potential for being a millionaire. He gave all that up so that anyone who saw the marks on his forehead could approach him and gain the knowledge that is written on his forehead..freely. He has never asked a dime for the knowledge. He certainly can't get a job at the local supermarket. He sacrificed his life so that others could be free from suffering. He definitely knows suffering..bullying, beating, untold abuses..He wanted others to not suffer as he had. He wants for us what he has attained for himself. The personification of Compassion & Selfless Service. As he said once when someone said, "I didn't ask what the tattoos meant because I thought it was personal." His response was "If it was personal, I would have tattooed it on my ass!" He never sees the tattoos unless he looks in the mirror, so who are they for?

bhaskar said...

Hi Eric, thanks for the post on Guru Om. Was reading the subsequent comments and found all of them interesting in their own ways : )

I have interacted with Guru Om and Michelle via mail many a times and i can say that Guru Om is really an outstanding person. His insights and his ways of explaining things are unique.I think the greatest achievement of humanity is NOT its works of art, science or technology , but the recognition of its own dysfunction,its madness.

Guru Om does just that...pointing to our madness with clarity!

Druv said...

ya, you cant take money with you when you die but your actions always remain with you, even after death.