Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jim Carrey explains Consciousness and Oneness

This is a great compilation of Jim Carrey and others talking about consciousness, oneness, mental suffering, and happiness.


Ta-Wan said...

This 'intent' the idea that you can for a future is really just feeing man's biggest flaw, namely - desire.

Some of what was said, quite a bit, was worthy but much was empty and much more was ego cuddling garbage.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, I agree completely about "The Secret" and most of the "Law of Attraction" stuff merely feeds desire - the root cause of all suffering.

Brandon said...

That was really cool, never knew Jim Carey was all about this stuff. Goes to show that watching a guy in a movie doesn't mean you know him. Thanks for posting.

Druv said...

I have seen "The Secret" and the Laws of Attraction, its a cheap marketing gimmick - built over the original over version. Hence i call such things as the "Dark Echo" because it Mirrors the source but represents the very opposite meaning behind it all.

That is the core of such warped dark echo's.

So where lies the source of every thing?

bridget said...

very touching, thanks again for sharing the love.