Monday, July 16, 2012

Pet Goat

Hi Eric! I love your blog. You have shown me so many things I was aware of but tried to deny it. The truth is hard to swallow sometimes.  After coming to terms of what really is going on it was overwhelming but am now starting to be more spiritual to help me cope with the madness. Anyways.. I don't know if you have seen this short animation by a new graphic company, it's very open about illuminati symbolism and what's been happening in the past 10yrs (9/11, obama, war, religion). I wanted to know your thoughts. Is it by the illuminati giving us a warning? is it by truth seekers trying to make people aware? please take a look, would love to hear your opinions. link is below. thanks! Christian

Hey Christian, thanks for the message.  I saw that Pet Goat video a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  However I also had the same thoughts as yourself wondering exactly where the people who created it were coming from and what exactly was the message being conveyed?  I think overall it's fairly harmless and positive... compare that short video with all the blatant propaganda and indoctrination on typical mainstream media and I'd say there's nothing wrong/negative about it.  What does everyone else think of I, Pet Goat II?


Thijs said...

A very interesting topic, the video hints at the bigger question what 911 has done to the collective consciousness. Well.. look around you.. it has brought awareness, consciousness.
But that doesn´t work in the best interest of masterminds right? Could it have been part of the plan?

We have ´The Matrix´ passport expiring on 911, but most interesting is the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey - the stone that changes mankind - upon which the Millenium Hilton is modelled. Millenium Hilton is the building next to WTC1/2 and it mirrors the events of that day as they occur.

Take it further: something using Kubrick to make a film about consciousness, linking it to 911. Because humanity can only progress and make the change through darkness. And that´s what we´re all doing right now: getting to know darkness, triggered by 911, mirrored by the monolith / stargate. What is this something? Is it a mystery about time? Is it a force above evil?

The whole field is called synchromysticism, It´s simply amazing, there´s nothing religious about it.
There are some nice interviews out there with Jake Kotze and Alan Green (Sync Book) - both of them have left the conspiracy fact digging - which is very important for a while - and they have taken it into a more spiritual journey. According to them that is naturally the next step.

Eric Dubay said...

Good points and questions. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that something that goes viral so quickly (like Kony) usually has the mark of the agenda on it. Add to this the name of the company that made the video, Heliofant, and even before watching the film you get a sense that it was intended to be served up at this moment in time for some shrouded purpose. Pet Goat is a compelling and hypnotic watch and there have been several attempts at interpreting it on YouTube (some very clever, some just plain confusing) including reverse message analysis. A few people have identified connections to the London 2012 Olympics in the sequences, alongside the more obvious references to various past false flag events and general mind-control and puppeteering on the world stage. All very strange.

ibn Salama said...

I wrote some notes on the video

The weird thing is that - judging by my blog statistics - Russian sites are the most interested in it!

I believe that HeliOfant is a company made specifically by The Elite to send us the message of the Animated video.. What IS this message though, is the real question here.

Thijs said...

ibn Salama
Yes, you're right. The video doesn't come from hobbyists, it's the usual symbolism: check this little dot at 6.57 next to the O.

So ? Coming of an NWO New Age world religion during Olympics, or at least an attempt to?
But my question would then be: why do these people always leave their signatures behind in videos? Who stands above them?

ibn Salama said...

I think they leave their "signature" on their work to taunt us!.. Also, some people have suggested that they believe that their "magick" won't work properly otherwise!

Eric Dubay said...

Alex Jones Interviews I, Pet Goat II Director

What do you guys think of this?

Thijs said...

Tx. I get the strong impression that the filmmaker doesn't really understand what he just made. He talks about the third eye as spiritual insight (pretty dubious), and he talks about people who recognize symbolism in the film that he didn't know was there. So who put it there ?