Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spiritual Science Reviews

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me share Spiritual Science on their emails, twitters and facebooks!  Also a special thanks to the 22 of you who have already purchased a copy.  I really want to share this empowering and enlightening book on a mass scale.  If it were to become a best-seller I truly believe Spiritual Science would spark a flame of metaphysical consciousness that would absolutely change the world for the better.  (Note: It's possible that I have a slight bias on this matter, but that does not dissuade my conclusions :) The positive comments, feedback and reviews you've all given are really encouraging and appreciated.

"I have the pleasure of knowing Eric personally. He has been teaching me Wing Chun and Yoga for about nine months now. He has shared with me some very empowering knowledge not least in regard to diet and exercise. I have been lucky enough to get a copy of his latest book 'Spiritual Science'. It is a fantastic distillation of wisdom; a complex interweaving of knowledge pertaining to what it really means to be human in this inhumane age. I thank him for sharing his work and recommend both the book and a juicer(!) to those of us determined to become beyond the veil. Make that energy exchange and order the book! It is wide-ranging and erudite, not to mention as exciting, as the 'Golden Bough' was in its day. Thanks Eric!"  ~Shane

"I am on Morphogenic Fields in your book 'Spiritual Science'. Have to say it is the best book I have ever read. It compiles everything worth knowing about life and the universe. You did a tremendous job and I can't wait to read the second half of the book! I'm going to become a millionaire one day and I am definitely going to pay you back for all the wisdom you have bestowed upon me."  ~Joe

"Good luck with the book I think you've done a very good job in all chapters. I enjoyed reading it all and will definitely revisit it. I'm keen to follow up several of the topics in my own research now. I had already come across the curious ability of consciousness affecting otherwise random events and the effects also in quantum theory, this is an ever interesting area. The book had a nice personal feel with the references and personal stories from you and the Mrs. which was very nice. I was also flattered to see my own ramblings in there, thanks for seeing them as valuable to the project. I took one major lesson from the book too, apart from good enlightening words on the holographic mind/universe to mull over and research more I have also decided to open up more of my time to traveling out of my body. Oh and another thing, I've done this since I was young but your book made me try again but more scientifically. I hit people with stares from behind and keep tally on my fingers (left fingers for fail, right for success) as to whether they react. I've found a short direct hit is more powerful than a long stare. Anyway, well done on the book and good luck!" ~Tao Wow

"Eric, I only have great admiration of you as a "human -actively - being " !!! I have read all your works and books and I admire you for all your hard work exposing the 'lie.' I place and rate you at the very top of the list of truth-searchers in the world. I have learned a great deal from you and I know this book will be even greater than your other bestsellers or eye-openers !!!  Wisdom & truth are rarely found together, Eric you succeed in achieving this! Thanx for exposing most of the religious lies, the real evil rulers of this world and for staying strong .. May your efforts not only gain strength but gain even more momentum and the worldwide recognition that it deserves !!! Thanx for adding this new "revelation" to your superb library or I should say to your works of pride, and may this new book proudly take its place next to "The Atlantean Conspiracy" and "Asbestos Head" ... Together they cause other books to become "pale" when compared !!  Much peace to you and your life partner friend and love may you guys be eternally happy."  ~Robbie

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