Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wage Slaves Escape the Matrix Masters!

Hey all, I just wanted to update everyone on my progress toward escaping the matrix and manifesting my dream life.  The good news is First on Fire and I have finally quit our day jobs and traded in our wage-slave employee lifestyles to commit full-time to our passions!  Freeeedoooom! It is so important and under-appreciated that when you wake up each morning, you should be able to create your day however you like.  Waking up to an alarm clock five days a week to work for somebody else is absolutely the most soul-constricting way to sell your life short.  If schools teach us anything it should be how to develop our personal passions into sustainable careers.  In a free, loving world schools would teach students to be self-reliant independent entrepreneurs, but as George Carlin said, "the owners of this country don't want that, they want obedient workers."

And so we're forced into public indoctrination centers from Kindergarten to Post-Doctorate all for a shiny piece of paper to give to our masters certifying that we'll be a good wage-slave.  Of course, masters don't need diplomas because they don't go begging someone else for a paycheck.  Masters create their own businesses, manufacture their own product, deliver their own service, and the success or failure of their job depends wholly upon them.  Wage-slaves, on the other hand, instead of taking responsibility for creating their own wealth, find an already well-established master and hope to impress master with their certificates, résumés, bells and whistles.  The problem with this is that you will always be selling your time wholesale to someone who is profiting from you retail.  No boss ever pays their employee the amount of money which that employee brings to the company, as that would cause the business to bankrupt.  The only way to run a successful business is to pay employees less than they're worth, usually far less.  So if you're working hard pursuing someone else's passion, slaving Monday-Friday 9-5 for someone who's buying your time wholesale, really think about what your passion is, save up some of that slave-money, then make a break and follow the entrepreneurial underground railroad to financial freedom and responsibility.

So now even though we could wake up at noon and spend all day relaxing if we wanted, that is no way to manifest a sustainable self-reliable lifestyle.  We only have a precious little amount of slave-money saved up to support us during this interim, so we have been diligently working non-stop at cultivating our conscious creations.  First is working 10-15 hours a day making her own line of non-toxic organic cosmetics starting with her initial product which will be a water-based, odorless, non-toxic nail polish.  I've also been spending 10-15 hours a day every day pursuing my two greatest life-long passions: writing and fighting!  Right now I'm concentrating on promoting and advertizing my new book Spiritual Science as well as expanding my martial training kwoon, Bangkok Wing Chun.  I currently have half a dozen dedicated students and it really is my dream come true.  Ever since being a kid watching Bruce Lee movies, I always wanted to know the secrets of martial arts and effective combat.  Now at age 30, I spend most of my days teaching people the very martial art(s) that earned Bruce Lee his international fame, Wing Chun / Jeet Kune Do.  I'm still looking for more students however and would like to start group classes as well.  If anyone lives in Bangkok and is interested in private self-defense, yoga, pranayama, qigong and/or meditation lessons please contact me at ericdubay@hotmail.com

As for my writing career, unfortunately, despite unanimous positive reviews and an expensive online ad campaign, my new book Spiritual Science is well on it's way to becoming this year's most highly-acclaimed international worst-seller!  If anyone can help me out I promise you won't be disappointed with this book.  Buy a copy for yourself, donate one to your local library, or gift a few as presents to your friends and family.  You'll be supporting my escape from the matrix and helping others awaken to their inner spirituality (feeding two birds with one worm  ;-).  Lastly if you're not into martial arts or spiritual science, you can still help me out greatly during this crucial interim by connecting with me and sharing my articles on your social networks.  Below are links to my personal YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and fanpages.  If you could add, subscribe, like, favorite, share and retweet my work on your social networks I'd really appreciate it!  Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support and readership.  Peace!

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