Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Four Pillars of Dharma

Four Dharmic ideals which I constantly strive to embody, embrace and express are Truth, Freedom, Peace, and Love.  I think of these four ideals as the immutable pillar stones necessary for an impeccable moral foundation.  Morality and Dharma are on the decline in our current age (Kali Yuga) and the only way to change and improve things externally is to change and improve ourselves internally.  To manifest the ideals of Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love, first we must stop manifesting Lies, Enslavement, Violence, and Fear.

Lies are broadcast daily from our governments, mainstream media, big pharma, the public education system, pundits, politicians, lawyers, actors, and advertisers all making a living from lying.  To take our power back from the liars we must be devoted 100% to honesty and integrity in our own lives.  We must make a 24/7 habit of absolute sincerity, standing strong in our truth, striving to express as eloquently and articulately the truth as we know it.  We must refuse to believe the lies and help to expose the liars.  Refuse the temptation to lie to make our lives easier and never cheat on our spouses / partners because that is a form of lying too.  We must refuse the notion that some lies are acceptable because "the truth would hurt" too much.  If there is ever to be an actual "Truth Movement" it can only happen through radical, unconditional honesty and integrity.

Slavery is practiced by governments, corporations, banks, private prisons, insurance companies, factory farms, bankers, politicians and lawyers who all make a living from enslavement.  To take our power back from the slave drivers we must be 100% free and sovereign in our own lives.  We must quit our wage slave jobs, stop paying taxes, stop obeying unlawful legislations, get free of debt, learn self-defense, acquire tangible assets, get off the grid, grow our own food, create our own jobs, become entrepreneurs and freemen on the land, start our own interest-free banks and local currencies.  We must completely refuse to be enslaved, refuse to enslave others, and help one another achieve true freedom.

Violence is practiced by governments, corporations, militaries, police forces, private security, prisons, gangsters, mafias, mercenaries, factory farmers and butchers all making a living from violence.  To take our power back from the bullies we must be 100% peaceful in our interactions.  We must refuse to be employed as a soldiers, police or mercenaries.  We must end the animal holocaust.  We must stop domestic abuse and practice peaceful parenting.  We should never hit, harm or even raise our voices to others, especially our friends and family.  All interactions between parents, children, siblings, friends, and strangers alike should be free of all force; even passive-aggression is still aggression which we must personally refuse to manifest.

Fear is employed by governments, corporations, militaries, police, banks, insurance companies, factory farms, mafias, private prisons, politicians, and lawyers who all make a living off victims of fear.  To take our power back from the fear-mongers we must practice unconditional love.  As Jesus, John Lennon and many-a-martyr will agree, no one word, no one concept is so powerful and unifying as Love.  Love is the main immutable pillar for a truly moral foundation.  If you have developed true unconditional love, then you already have the other three pillars of Truth, Freedom and Peace as well, because love is certainly honest, free and peaceful.  Cheating or lying is not true love.  "Loving" a bird enslaved in a tiny cage is not truly loving the bird.  And forceful or "violent love" cannot be called true love at all, in fact it's called rape or domestic abuse.

So before saying or doing anything, remember the four pillars:  Is it true?  Does it promote freedom?  Is it peaceful?  And is it loving?  Or if you're short on time just check the fourth:  Is this a loving thing to say?  Is this a loving thing to do?  Adhere to these and we will be on the Dharma fast-track through morality to another golden age.  All we need is Love.


dave said...


I am trying to set up an interview with you about the Flat Earth on the Zen Garcia radio show.

Can you please email me at


His email >

I think this interview will help unmask many future deceptions.

Please reply, Thanks Dave

Angelo Francis Dinoto said...

I have fallen in love with your research. I am sharing it constantly on my facebook and watching everything you have produced. I love your humor. You have made me feel reborn in my own self. I have gotten to Mr. Robothams book that is neat buy your videos are superlative. I love your ability to translate it all so clearly via video...Many Blessings. Angelo

Don Hollyfield said...

Eric I know this is the wrong site for this question but if you could send an answer to my email I would appreciate it very much. I bought your book on lulu about the flat earth. It was hard at first to not dismiss the thing at of hand. But I started thinking about it and you do make some great points. But wow to actually get the programing out of your head so you can give it a try is difficult. My question is I can't get past not having satellites. I mean I have dish network and that supposed to come from a satellite. Plus all the spy and transmission satellites, I can't seem to get past this. Can you help me with this? Thanks Eric I will have to go back to your book many times before I get it all! Have started to share info. with others. of course the think I'm NUTS but that ok they can't refute what I have told the so far . I'll like them ponder on it awhile and see what happens! Again thanks Eric. Don

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks Don, check out the following video and I think you'll agree that Satellites do not and cannot exist. Peace