Monday, December 29, 2008

Peter Russell - The Primacy of Consciousness

This is a presentation given at the "Physics of Consciousness" conference in which Peter Russell explores the mystery of consciousness from both scientific and mystical perspectives, showing how light is intrinsic to both, and giving a coherent argument as to why consciousness is the fundamental essence of the cosmos.


Tao said...

Like he finally gets around to saying Consciousness came first. It's a good talk he gives :-) Yet I go further, and I think you have to, to say that there is just one conciousness controlling the whole - We, the dog, the fish the bacteria do not have an individual conciousness we are all connected to the same source.

This is how when a body dies, it is just the vessel and the conciousness was there before, during and after the body. Life outside of death is more common than life with a body.

Good talk, I enjoyed it, covered lots of the ground that books and thoughts I have explored have covered. Thanks for that.

Tao said...

actually he may have said the very same thing but i was too busy projecting reality at the speed of light to notice.