Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meditation and Wisdom

This excerpt is from the excellent Tao Wow blog

A master does not have to meditate, there is nothing to do. By contrast someone with much baggage has to learn to meditate first before finding any benefit. They must progress and with time get better at it, work through tough issues, battle on. It is tough for someone with a whole world seemingly against them; commitments, habits, plus a past that they took no part in forming, even ingrained habits in the way thoughts are processed. It seems this mind must be opened then worked with. Further still there are barriers in the way people have learned to learn. There is so much to do.

Yet the master does nothing, and the best advice is to do nothing.

What happens is that when someone has that first realisation that something is wrong and needs to be made right that they find a master. This does not mean to find a guru. A master or teacher comes in many forms and you will have many on your path. (The trap of taking one guru, one path, is a hindrance.) Masters can be lakes, books, children, pets, forests, exercises, breathing techniques. Wisdom is everywhere. Something said one day that seems meaningless, something overheard in a passing conversation, a line in a book, can pop back to mind with great relevance in the future. Past actions can come back to haunt - this is all good. Nothing bad is happening, has or will. It all makes sense.

Don't hold onto bad memories, don't hold on to ideas. The more you learn the less you need.

Life can be plotted like a graph. You life may seem like a distorted sound wave when seen as a graph, with no pattern only random ups and downs. The aim is a slow, smooth, sine wave. Waking through sleeping follows a sine wave, you will know how smooth or haphazard. Eating and work habits follow waves too, but all these waves interfere, the waves collide and the resulting interference pattern is your life, your wave.

Meditation smooths the wave, it brings waves into sync.

From entering the path from seeing something in life is not right you go about soothing your wave. Ultimately you can smooth your life wave on the grand scale of rebirth; you can be born very infrequently, very smoothly, very controlled. For now you may aim at smoothing your Samsara Nirvana wave - how often you are in illusion, how often truth. Until then you have many more waves to pull into line.

So the master would just sit still and the wave would settle. The unlearned will try to locate things that ripple the wave, that cause distortion and unbearable ups and downs.

To get from a false living to a true being there is a journey. A wonderful one. You will learn many truths that become false. Say you learn about Chakras and they give you great benefit in finding imbalance in your life. Then in the future you learn that Chakras are not even real and only apparent when they reveal themselves due to imbalance - This is not a bad thing, it is part of the journey. In finding stillness you will have to learn many nearly truths to help you over the false. Then it becomes easier as your knowledge of truth becomes more penetrating. Many nearly truths reveal themselves at just the right times, they help soften the fall from a false, but they must all be dropped in the end, there can be no crutch when all is one. No guru, god, method, style, ..

The hardest part of the journey is the begining as it is a journey - the end is a shock as you realize it was not.


Tao said...

What utter garbage.

I think I've edited a few typos since then but still it is utter airyflop garbage, no meaning and wouldn't fill a balloon.

Eric Dubay said...

LOL, agreed... I'm gonna get in touch with that blog's Author and tell him personally

Tao said...

In a newer post that is more to say you are nothing but the whole;

"There is a whole that is feeling, acting, being, sensing itself, dancing with itself, loving and enjoying itself. That whole has produced forms, some of which are so complex as to feel that they are real and separate, they call themselves I."*

I also give a version of the star theory that we are all linked to stars. We both came independently to a similar idea, I remember briefly talking to you about at least a sketch of this idea in Thailand, not sure if you do, and I have come across others with similar ideas.


*All debate and all problems come from this tiny difference in people, that difference that we call I.