Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Osho - Being In Love

In this video Osho discusses selfishness, an oft-condemned word, as a necessary pre-requisite to true love. You say love thy neighbor, but you don't even know how to love yourself, so how can you love your neighbor? When you love yourself you will find all the altruism you seek.


Tao said...

I learnt this from Mrs Tao as she says quite a lot of people "They do not even love themselves".

It could be a drunk, a smoker, a very unfit person, or some other lack of love of the self and then they do something inconsiderate and she says "they do not even love themselves".

The message is solid from her and Osho, to love the world and to get on in life you must love your self. How can you think you know the world or the self if you can not love your inner and body self?

To love the world and despise the self is an incorrect, false and unhealthy view that many seekers come to as they see their self as illusion, want to avoid rebirth, see life as an illusory cock up - NOT TRUE! It's wonderful!

Compassion for the self is so very important here. Many things in the busy world of human traffic or even spiritual life can drive the self down - the most important basic place to begin compassion is for the self and understanding ourselves is essential if we are to understand and extend compassion to all the other selves out there.

On the next level of seeing the world as yourself, the universe and more, then that must still be rooted in you. So the anchor is required before the full view makes you dizzy and you draw false conclusions.

It's much easier when she says it, I do go on...

Eric Dubay said...

Very nice... Mrs. Tao's simplicity is good, but your Mr. Tao explanations go a long way in helping accentuate and clarify such points. Excellent analysis. Have you considered doing your own youtube vids? I want to see Tao sitting in a funny shaped chair, expounding upon some philosophy.