Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mooji - I Am Life

I really like Mooji and his simplistic delivery. Too bad he is always ending every sentence with "hmm?" "emm?" He sounds like someone who has gotten too used to one-sided conversations. But that's okay, I forgive you Mooji, rock on.


Psiplex said...


Thank you for posting the Mooji video clip. He is indeed a treasure, an incredibly humble teacher and servant of the Absolute.

Please don;t let any minor mannerisms get in the way of his direct, heartfelt an life giving teachings. Mooji is the real deal. Just open yourself to the message and let it flow my friend!

You rock!

Tao said...

Reminds me of a story of some yogi who I forget the name of who was asked why given the choice he would not like to visit London. - He replied "I am London".

Seems the mannerisms are present in a number of these people, 3 of whom you have posted, Mooji, Ekeltart and Osho all talk as if the extacy has slurred their speech a little.

Something that is with me a lot now is how "when you talk you don't know" and that in talking of enlightenment you are not enlightened but an I speaking to an I. Perhaps in maintaining the enlightened state while talking there is this disengaged(?) level to the communication?

Eric Dubay said...

Psiplex, thanks for the comment. I completely agree that he's the real deal and not to let any minor mannerisms obscure that. It just got me laughing how often he made those noises, so I thought I'd mention it first thinking otherwise someone will surely bring it up in the comments.

Tao, "when you talk you don't know" is with me as well. Speech brings us into the mind as we prepare each next word/sentence we will say, and thus out of pure being/knowingness. Do you suppose there is a manner of speaking which can happen in pure being? Or do we always side-step our own enlightenment through words?

Tao said...

I don't know for sure yet but I imagine it is possible to talk directly from the enlightened state - just as a dog barks and baby cries.

I was out today and looking at infinity wearing all it's various masks (newest Tao Wow post) and keeping tabs on my mind: when I was directly being and when I was slipping out into dual being.

I was sitting by a lake throwing leaves for birds who thought it was food and I was being fascinated by their little eyes and manners and behaviour. I also had an eye on the water, the sky, trees and so on. I was hit by what a waste and a loss it is for people to meditate on nothing expecting to find something.

With that in mind I was reminded how there is nothing to look for and that just acting like that, sitting in nature was so perfect and spiritual. As I moved away my mind took to thinking about India and how all of the spirituality is in the temples, the clothes, the actions and prayers.

There is nothing more spiritual than being yourself. As long as you are not obsessed with the self but in wonder of the magnificence of the whole.

And here I want to draw conclusion and say so at such a time you can talk from the viewpoint of pure being. - but I have to refute my own point by also saying that there is no truth in words so even if the universe spoke through the medium of an awakened human - it would still be talking shit.

Eric Dubay said...

Beautifully put... especially the last two paragraphs. I agree completely