Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Renaissance Radio #21

This week we're joined with Roger Dubay to discuss in-depth Masonic numerology, starting with 49, 77, and Oz, getting Z's, DMT, Third Eyes, Tarot, Kabballah, Ancient Egypt, 555, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, 666, solar and lunar numerology, 9/11 and "terrorist" numerology, consciousness and dream states, Biden and Powell's prediction for Obama's "testing event," mainstream media control, the propaganda matrix, the youth waking up to 9/11 and more

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Tao said...

what are you doing in your new profile pic? looks like a 666 (OK) to me :-O

Eric Dubay said...

Oh yeah, showing a little G-Love, with my favorite meditation mudra. Eat your hearts out Masons, I can pose with hand-signs too