Friday, January 30, 2009

Mooji - Personality, What is That?

"Personality" = habitual output, not an actual construct. Enlightenment has no personality. Our true nature - Infinite consciousness - is awareness of infinite potential. Personality ceases to exist.


Tao said...

"As if to try to make a fish, un-fish." (wei wu wei).

There is no work that can be done on the ego self as the work is done on a false construct so doing nothing but affirming the presence of the false notion that is lost when at one.

But the ego self is pacified the more the true self is found. The author of The Dice Man said that we fluctuate between many personalities and I add to that that it seems we can slow the flutter to be more and more with the one true self.

We still need the ego self for interaction with others.

There is no killing the ego and being truly useful to the world as I see it. The ego is a false notion but is a deliberate and useful construct in making the world of interaction interesting.

I'd rather meet someone aware of their true nature who can still interact with the world. I feel the complete, permanent dissolution of the ego to the point of cave dwelling is a step too far.

Mooji is on the "grand vehicle" it could be said, he is actively using his ego self to pull others on board the vehicle to enlightenment and this is in preference to the buddha in a cave who is at perfect bliss while ignoring the world around him.

It is good to accept the ego, it is you after all, it is your unique nature. It is also essential I feel and the thing that most interests me in how we get all the individual selves to also recognize their true self, that of infinity.

Eric Dubay said...

Great points. I agree completely. Your blog is excellent, one of the first things I check every day. Such good "centering points" to consider, like the non-thought of the day. Keep up the amazing work

Psiplex said...

Really enjoyed the depth you brought out about the personality being a key component. Being extremely ill with cancer has shown that when one is engulfed in extreme pain and suffering, everything shuts down in a survival mode. When health begins to recover, the personality, too, recovers and more of life is enabled. Communication with the outside world resumes and the focus on pain is lessened. The ego, or personality is a pathway back to life and there is nothing bad about it. It's all grace and one should be thankful for all of it- the lessening and the expansion.

Tao said...

I wish you all the best Psiplex!